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May 2018
May 01 2018 05:37
hi team is there any way to achieve response aggregation in zuul api gateway, suppose I want to aggregate response of 2 or 3 services and return it through gateway
Marcos Barbero
May 01 2018 05:41
I would recommend you to do that, maybe a different service that aggregates and then returns it to the Gateway is a better option.
However, if you really wanna go for that you can implement a ZuulFilter to achieve the behavior that you are looking for.
Karl Boyle
May 01 2018 16:18
Anyone know of a good github example that has a UI Service and Zuul Gateway separated out?
Can't figure the best/clean way to get my static resources loaded on the UI. Without changing the relative path for resources, which breaks the application when not used with Zuul - which doesnt seem correct?
localhost:5555/ui/myapp/index.html would load but then say look for localhost:5555/myapp/js/app.js (no ui before context path) ... I can change that and hard code where to find my resources it but that doesn't seem the best way. :)
Spencer Gibb
May 01 2018 16:25
This is not specific to zuul, this is a general issue with proxies. Does /myapp/** not work for a route?
Karl Boyle
May 01 2018 16:29
The route of been /ui/** and then a serviceId to Consul. So the resources didnt ever request /ui/ just /myapp/
Because the UI doesnt know anything about the route
Spencer Gibb
May 01 2018 16:37
/ui/** -> /** should work with strip-prefix=true
Karl Boyle
May 01 2018 16:40
Hmm okay thanks Spencer, I was playing in work with it. Home now so i'll make up a dummy UI and Zuul and try it out! Thanks again!
Karl Boyle
May 01 2018 18:58
Hey @spencergibb ... it as this point I hang my head in shame... :worried: worked perfectly at home and I'm fairly certain I had tried the strip-prefix however I think I missed the hyphen :(
Anyway it worked - thanks! :)
Spencer Gibb
May 01 2018 20:45
Prashant Ladha
May 01 2018 21:48

For Mark Pollock's talk Spring Cloud Data flow []

Is that code available on Github ?