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May 2018
May 24 2018 02:56
question, is blocking incoming requests using the zuul filters a valid use case?
May 24 2018 06:06
i think i figured it out. apparently returning anything in a filter assumes that the result succeeded. throwing an exception achieves the result i want
May 24 2018 15:36
Spring Cloud Gateway only Pre and Post Filter, How to create a Pre filter or Post filter?@spencergibb
May 24 2018 16:04
@spencergibb spring-cloud/spring-cloud-gateway#335
May 24 2018 18:47
Is Finchley Final going to be released by Jun 13?
I am asking this because it has moved many times. Now even RC2 is not released and also release date is not updated
Marcos Barbero
May 24 2018 18:56
@SoftwareKing did you check the docs? The way Spring Cloud Gateway is different than Zuul, you may work with predicates and GatewayFilters. You can also check this sample filter
Tim Ysewyn
May 24 2018 23:15
@mohanrao They are really working hard to get things in order for RC2 and GA, but part of the Spring & Spring Cloud team is at Spring I/O in Barcelona giving presentations so they probably won’t be able to release it during that conference.