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May 2018
May 25 2018 08:19
does the spring api gateway already use reactive ?
Marcos Barbero
May 25 2018 11:17
@chad_d_stud_twitter if you mean Spring Cloud Gateway, yes it does
May 25 2018 11:43
Explains the reactive.* errors I get when something goes boom
Francesco Fazzini
May 25 2018 13:26
hi all, i have a very strange issue with zuul and eureka using BOOT 2.0.2 and Finchley.RC1
Rolling back to BOOT 2.0.1 and Finchley.M9 everything works again.
It happens when i have cross namespace communications in K8S, specifically i have zuul and eureka in the default namespace and a service that i want to call via http in a different namespace.
The service is succesfully registered in eureka and i can see it under the /actuator/routes endpoint.
I get a 400 bad request when i call my service through gateway and unfortunately i cannot see anything in the response body and services logs.
Everything works if all services are in the same namespace though.
So the only difference that comes to my mind is that this property in the service eureka.instance.hostname must have a "." in the value when i have multiple namespaces, there is no "." instead when everything gets deployed on one namespace only.
Any ideas please?