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May 2018
David Maldonado
May 30 2018 00:55 UTC
Hi I'm trying spring cloud consul integration with cloud gateway and I can't get the config watch working with it set to YAML or FILES, I have to POST to refresh endpoint for route to change, I saw spring-cloud/spring-cloud-consul#399 has this been fixed?
May 30 2018 07:14 UTC
Hi, for peer awareness of eureka as of now we have specify all three eureka server's address as part of eureka.client.serviceUrl.defaultZone which is hardcoded as an env var. Now if we want to start one more eureka server then manually we have to update this entry in all three eureka servers. So is there any way to do this dynamically ?
May 30 2018 07:16 UTC
I'm using springcloud sleuth, it pass the tracing info to zipkin-server using http protocol...
But now I want to write the tracing info to local logfile, how can I do? Are there any articles to introduce this?
Marcin Grzejszczak
May 30 2018 10:32 UTC

But now I want to write the tracing info to local logfile, how can I do? Are there any articles to introduce this?

what does it mean? Just log sth and configure logback to log it to the file

May 30 2018 12:18 UTC
Because our project has used log4j2,it seems that log4j2 was conflicted with logback... So I do not know how to resolve it
Marcos Barbero
May 30 2018 12:45 UTC
@bsushant-athena to make it dynamically you may need spring-cloud-config-server, otherwise you may update every other instance
Nikola Kološnjaji
May 30 2018 16:17 UTC

Hello all. I'm doing POC with Reactive + Spring Cloud. I want to test service discovery and web-flux. Currently I'm using testing Netty (server) and CloudFoundry Discovery support. When I call discoveryClient.getInstances("ms-poc-service") I'm getting following error:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: blockOptional() is blocking, which is not supported in thread reactor-http-server-epoll-11

This is happening because implementation is calling block operator here

I guess this is not even possible with different discovery clients currently , because DiscoveryClient is not returning Publisher of ServiceInstances . Is this not supported yet or I'm doing something terribly wrong? Thanks.

Joshua Street
May 30 2018 20:29 UTC
hey all
im trying to understand how to manually create feign clients
having a bit of trouble specifying a target
say i have a config entry like:
    listOfServers: https://some-host
and I want to manually create a feign client for someService
what should the target be?
if i specify http://someService it fails
because i don't specify a port number
if i specify https://someService it doesn't work
if i specify http://someService and the listOfServers includes a secure url with a port number, it works
Joshua Street
May 30 2018 20:34 UTC
eventually, there wont be a service configured in properties this way once our team uses Eureka
i also tried Target.EmptyTarget.create()
its not really clear how feign interacts with ribbon
i figured that the target would be some URL (thats not really a URL with a proper host) that would be used to choose a ribbon client
Joshua Street
May 30 2018 20:41 UTC
it looks like RibbonClient would the client specified when building a Feignbuilder
Joshua Street
May 30 2018 20:53 UTC
when i look at LoadBalancerFeignClient it seems like the http:// at the beginning of my target for feign doesn't matter
i the end result is that if i specify a list of servers for a service, i should put the port number in because creating feign clients manually with them doesn't work without explicit port numbers
Joshua Street
May 30 2018 21:13 UTC
looks like i can't just add the port because it breaks Zuul's use of the ribbon properties