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Jun 2018
Karl Nicholas
Jun 01 2018 00:52 UTC
Any thoughts about adding Pageable to spring-cloud-openfeign. I submitted an issue there and noticed it is marked with "enhancement" and "help wanted"
Jun 01 2018 06:07 UTC
Hi, I am using springcloud sleuth for tracing, and kafka for message... I look for springcloud streaming document for help , but it also hard for me...
Does anyone has a detailed document for how to use springcloud stream?
I hopes that:
In my app, sleuth can generating tracing info and send the tracing info to kafka
Tim Ysewyn
Jun 01 2018 09:00 UTC
there is a dedicated channel for SCSt ->
but AFAIK that should work out of the box if you put the SCSt starter in your project
you can find the complete reference documentation over here ->
"We instrument the Spring Kafka’s ProducerFactory and ConsumerFactory so that tracing headers get injected into the created Spring Kafka’s Producer and Consumer. To block this feature, set spring.sleuth.messaging.kafka.enabled to false."
Tim Ysewyn
Jun 01 2018 09:05 UTC
(that’s from the Spring Cloud Sleuth ref documentation)
You can ask sleuth related questions here ->
Jun 01 2018 09:15 UTC
hi am facing some issue, which is when i register the eureka server cluster with cluster, registered cluseters are showing in unavailable replicas. I have mentioned the issue details elaborately in the URL spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#2986 . Can any one help me to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance