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Jun 2018
Niklas Herder
Jun 21 2018 06:09
:b 8
Victor Petit
Jun 21 2018 09:48
Good job for Finchley GA :+1:
Marcos Barbero
Jun 21 2018 09:55
@fmisir sounds like a bug to me.
Maybe you can create your own connector as a workaround.
Jun 21 2018 10:01
Hi all, is there a way to have a 3 attempt retry logic with sending to a common DLQ upon 3rd failure as behaviour for all kafka topics using spring cloud stream (with spring boot 1.5.X) ? I’ve seen the following docs which appear to be based on applying this logic to a specific topic only ( Also is this the right room for these kind of questions?
Marcos Barbero
Jun 21 2018 10:23
Fethullah Misir
Jun 21 2018 10:35
@marcosbarbero thank you for the hint. I created yesterday a issue for that. spring-cloud/spring-cloud-connectors#232
Marcos Barbero
Jun 21 2018 11:18
Jun 21 2018 12:59
#7911;abạn sẽ hếthạn v&224 hi everyone ,who can tell me this mean?
Matt Benson
Jun 21 2018 13:52
@ryanjbaxter thanks for your comment on #2359. However, I am still wanting more clarification. Are you saying that Eureka still requires the client to be registered with it, but that in Spring Cloud 2.x there are simply multiple avenues by which to arrive at that? Do we know why Eureka requires this? Is @EnableDiscoveryClient#autoRegister then intended only for use with other service discovery mechanisms than Eureka?
Guilherme Blanco
Jun 21 2018 14:40

Is there a way to define the pom parent for Finchley? I’m used to map like:

        <relativePath />

And apparently I’m unable to point to Finchley (only Edgware)… hints?