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Jun 2018
Jun 26 2018 06:27
@nWidart it would help if you showed us your and your Application.class
Jun 26 2018 09:14
hi, I do not want hystrix dashboard but I want hystrix metrics! Is there any way to achieve this?
Raja Sundaram
Jun 26 2018 10:57
@bsushant-athena You can get it if you use Micrometer and that’s one way to achieve it
Jun 26 2018 11:10
When using actuator (spring cloud 2.0.0.RELEASE) Hystrix Micrometer register too early, so if I register ConcurrencyStrategy, IllegalStateExecption is thrown since
HystrixConcurrencyStrategy concurrencyStrategy = HystrixPlugins.getInstance().getConcurrencyStrategy(); getConcurrencyStrategy register default hystrix implementaition
Jun 26 2018 11:19
I mean Finchley.RELEASE. not happens on Finchley.RC2
Maybe this commit cause this:
Jun 26 2018 11:37
had to register in a static block
Matt Benson
Jun 26 2018 15:31
@spencergibb etal: would a PR to spring-cloud-openfeign be welcome to document feign.hystrix.enabled in an additional-spring-configuration-metadata.json file?
Ryan Baxter
Jun 26 2018 18:19
@mbenson PRs are always welcome
Jun 26 2018 18:32
When register multiple microservice to eureka server. If eureka server get down all microservice automatically get down right ? If yes please share any alternative solutions
Ryan Baxter
Jun 26 2018 19:00
if the eureka server goes down for whatever reason it should have no effect on the other microservices besides that they will be unable to send any heartbeats to the server and the clients will be unable to retreive service registry information