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Jul 2018
Jul 04 2018 06:01
When modify the managment.server.endpoints.web.base-path property , I need to add properties of status/health/info sinceEurekaInstanceConfigBean actuator path is hard-coded
would be nice if it can be configurable via eureka.instance property (just need to add getActuatorPrefix , setActuatorPrefix to EurekaInstanceConfigBean
Will u accept PR?
Marcos Barbero
Jul 04 2018 07:21
@BenEfrati it’s actually done in this method, however, the properties seems to be outdated
Enrico Hofmann
Jul 04 2018 12:53
hi is anyone using spring rest doc with rest assured mockmvc ?
Marcin Grzejszczak
Jul 04 2018 13:48
Jul 04 2018 19:21
i neeed a good testserver for microservices, can anyone recommend something? Would be a raspberry a cheap solution for testing?