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Jul 2018
Jul 10 2018 14:32
Hello while configuring spring cloud stream binder with rabbitmq, how to create exchange of fanout type or any specific type exchange? I couldn't find anything on this. Using springboot 1.5.8 and spring cloud version Camden.SR5

any help would be appreciated

Spencer Gibb
Jul 10 2018 16:14
@SubhamAshish ask in the stream room
Jul 10 2018 16:16
Thank you
Karl Boyle
Jul 10 2018 19:06
Hey - Asked this in the SpringBoot room, don't believe its possible 'Out of the box' based on feedback, but figured Id ask anyway :) Is there a way to have an Application start and register in Service Discovery with OUT_OF_SERVICE ? Ideally, I don't want application to register with state UP until I've checkout tested it and then flip its status? Thanks!