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Jul 2018
Jagmohan Sharma
Jul 12 2018 07:42
Hi Team,
Spring cloud Finchley.RELEASE is using Hystrix 1.5.12 version but not latest 1.5.13 version. Is there any specific reason behind this ?
Haruhiko Nishi
Jul 12 2018 11:00
I have problem starting application after upgrading dependencies toFinchley.RELEASE
I now get everywhere where I didn't have any problem with prior release. All of the @ConfigurationProperties classes properties are camel cased. Does Finchley.RELEASE not allow camel property binding anymore?
All properties are retrieved from Spring Cloud Config.
Haruhiko Nishi
Jul 12 2018 11:30
Never mind. I can’t just upgrade only th app that uses Spring Cloud Config server to a Finchely base and not upgrade the Spring Cloud Config Server(leave it 1.5 base) can I?
Spencer Gibb
Jul 12 2018 13:38
@JagmohanSharma no specific reason.
@hanishi if you look at the boot 2 migration guide, if you author @ConfigurationProperties they are transformed to the canonical kabab case, properties in *.yml or *.properties can still be in camel case
Haruhiko Nishi
Jul 12 2018 14:44
@spencergibb Thank you for the resource. Didn’t realize there are so much stuff to go over before deploying the apps upgraded. It ain’t shooting fish in a barrel.
Brian Devins-Suresh
Jul 12 2018 15:49
@JagmohanSharma you can create a PR to update the version. It’s a quick way to contribute
Jul 12 2018 17:03

what is

com.fasterxml.jackson.core.JsonGenerationException: Broken pipe

mean? Any idea? This appear when i want to insert in a post method