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Jul 2018
Marc Schumacher
Jul 24 2018 12:20
Hi guys, again, about Spring Cloud Function: I am trying to implement a lambda function which listens to an S3 event. I would rather like to use than java.lang.Object. Now as soon as I change from Consumer<Object> to Consumer<S3Event> I get a ClassCastException: java.util.LinkedHashMap cannot be cast to Is there a way to automatically convert what I get to this S3Event? Or do I have to deal with casting it to whatever is in the Object and do it the type-unsafe way?
Marc Schumacher
Jul 24 2018 12:28
I assume that I have to override SpringBootRequestHandler.convertEvent() is that correct?
Marc Schumacher
Jul 24 2018 12:37
Or shall I just use SpringBootApiGatewayRequestHandler?
Jul 24 2018 12:53
I want to use git as a centralized configuration repository and just found out that Spring application can import configuration properties from git via Spring Cloud Config Server? Because I have only one instance of my application, can the Spring Cloud Config Server be embedded in my Spring application and run in the same JVM?
Jul 24 2018 17:35
Greetings!My team looking for examples/documentation for