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Aug 2018
Sarvesh Dubey
Aug 11 2018 07:40
@marcosbarbero please take a look at this class which highlights the problem:
Marcos Barbero
Aug 11 2018 08:34
Will do later today @Sarvesh-D
Furer Alexander
Aug 11 2018 12:04
Hello,few questions about spring-cloud-function:
  1. Does the framework provide/ is going to provide lifecycle callbacks like invoked/finished/failed/ fallback ?
  2. When deployed as stream processor and number of consumers is bigger than 1, is it possible to have auxiliary auto-wired beans instantiated in scope of invocation ? For example, another service bean that is configured based on input argument, might be a s3 client configured to work against the s3 folder with prefix passed as input argument .