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Aug 2018
Hugh Hamill
Aug 27 2018 09:36 UTC
@spencergibb how do you integration test your routes without hitting a live server?
Spencer Gibb
Aug 27 2018 13:00 UTC
I hit a live server running localy
Hugh Hamill
Aug 27 2018 13:20 UTC
Dennis Effing
Aug 27 2018 14:23 UTC
Hi all.
Could someone explain the difference between "Spring Security" and "Spring Cloud Security" when it comes to OAuth 2.0/Open ID Connect 1.0 configuration?
The documentation of Spring Security says that Spring Boot 2.0 supports the auto configuration of the OAuth 2.0 client ( but the Spring Cloud Security documentation ( seems to use its own configuration mappings.
Can I use the OAuth 2.0 auto configuration of Spring Security 5 and Spring Boot 2.0 in conjunction with Spring Cloud Security?
Eric Deandrea
Aug 27 2018 16:36 UTC

Anyone know how I can bind a reactive Spring Boot application to a Redis Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile using AbstractCloudConfig?

Using blocking configuration I can do

@Profile({ “cloud”, “redis”})
public class CloudConfig extends AbstractCloudConfig {
  public RedisConnectionFactory redisConnectionFactory() {
    return connectionFactory().redisConnectionFactory("sba-redis");
How do I do the same thing but instead return a ReactiveRedisConnectionFactory?