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Sep 2018
Sep 05 2018 06:31
gradle build bootJar how to change jar name?
Sep 05 2018 11:29
Can i do a filewatch in AWS S3 bucket using Spring boot app?
Corneil du Plessis
Sep 05 2018 20:39
@bianlizuozishu ```
bootJar {
archiveName = 'cf-demo.jar'
As an example
Paul Balogh
Sep 05 2018 20:42
Prior to SpringBoot 2.0.x, you could also use “jar.archiveName = ‘cf-demo.jar’”
Corneil du Plessis
Sep 05 2018 20:46
@harinjy It looks like when configuring event notification on S3 the event can be consumed using SNS. So you will use AWS console to configure your bucket and Spring Cloud AWS Messaging to consume events
@bianlizuozishu bootJar.archiveName = 'new-name.jar' will also work. I'm not sure if the Spring Boot Gradle plugin task bootJar extends that jar task, in which has using jar.archiveName should suffice.