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Oct 2018
Oct 08 2018 07:31 UTC

Hey @TYsewyn and @RobMaskell .
It seems my issue was because of that [bug] (spring-cloud/spring-cloud-gateway#361)

Below @Configuration is fixing our issue:

class NettyHttpClientConfiguration {

  HttpClient httpClient(@Qualifier("nettyClientOptions") Consumer<? super HttpClientOptions.Builder> options) {
    return HttpClient.create(options.andThen(this::enableCompressionSupport));

  private void enableCompressionSupport(Object builder) {
    ((HttpClientOptions.Builder) builder).compression(true);
Benjamin Ihrig
Oct 08 2018 13:44 UTC
Quick question to load-balanced RestTemplates: If I create a RestTemplate through RestTemplateBuilder, that is not exposed as a bean, it will not be load-balanced. Why was a separate interface for RestTemplateCustomizer chosen only for the load-balancing part? If it was the same interface, RestTemplates built through the builder would be load-balanced by default.
Oct 08 2018 17:43 UTC

Hopefully someone has already come across this same issue and may provide a solution

Hopefully looking for an @Bean and/or properties that could be set to the application.yml for a ZUUL API Gateway application

springBootVersion = '1.5.10.RELEASE' springCloudVersion = 'Edgware.SR3'