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Oct 2018
yuanxu zhang
Oct 11 2018 03:07
hi who has Eureka API address?
Marcos Barbero
Oct 11 2018 09:56
@yuanxuzhang what do you mean? Do you mean this?
@chad_d_stud_twitter not to harm you but your question is not really spring cloud related and it actually is quite subjective and depends of a lot of factors. It can be cheaper to run everyone in a single EC2 instance but if it crashes and you need a quick action/recovery plan it may not be that cheaper anymore. It all depends on the problem that you are trying to solve
I don't really recommend you to run everything in a single EC2 instance, but as I said, it all depends
Oct 11 2018 10:32
@marcosbarbero i wouldn’t recommend it either. most of the people here don’t appreciate the clustering features of spring cloud but since they hold the money i can only advise them on the best approach
Marcos Barbero
Oct 11 2018 11:41
yeah, i know what you mean
Andy Czerwinski
Oct 11 2018 11:50
Better to use a scheduler of some sort. The more boot services you build the more work it becomes to load balance etc. Kubernetes or nomad works and definetly have it on multiple ec2 to at least have resiliency.
Oct 11 2018 12:26
problem with aws eks is it’s not available in ap-southeast-1
Oct 11 2018 13:31
hi, for eureka to work properly in high availability mode ; do we need to have minimum three eureka instances(gossip protocol) in different availability zones ?
Oct 11 2018 13:34
Hi, i'm looking for spring cloud vault support. Does spring cloud vault 2 support cidr constraints for appRole auth ?