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Oct 2018
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
Oct 16 2018 06:53
Hello All, Good Morning,
Do we have any update on Spring Cloud Integration with Zuul 2?
Do we get any motivation behind to use Spring Cloud Gateway when Zuul 2 has support non-blocking and socket connections?
Oct 16 2018 08:20
No one uses spring-cloud-dataflow's yarn mode anymore?
Marcos Barbero
Oct 16 2018 08:54
@bilalahmed54 AFAIK there's no plan for spring-cloud to support Zuul 2, about the motivation to build/use SCG was - among other things - timing. When SCG just started to be developed Zuul2 wasn't a thing, it was under heavy development and it's not compatible with Zuul 1, as you said it has non-blocking support, socket connections and so on.
So, if Spring Cloud team instead of waiting for a stable release of Zuul 2 to start to work on it they started to work on SCG and when Zuul2 finally was released SCG already had about 1 year of work.
If you ask me the motivation to use SCG or Zuul2 it depends on what you need, if you do need Spring Cloud integration then you should definitely go for SCG
Oct 16 2018 09:40
Hello all, I'm trying to make a config service configure itself; for this to work I have to configure and the git repository (including username and password) in; I want to have usename and password encrypted (with {cipher}). However when debugging I can see, that the class MultipleJGitEnvironmentProperties, which holds the username and password, is initialized before the properties are decrypted. Thus it tries to login with the raw cipher text, which obviously doesn't work. Any ideas how to work around this?
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
Oct 16 2018 10:11
Thanks @marcosbarbero for the explanation. And yes it makes sense if you are working in spring cloud environment then SCG is the way otherwise both seems alternative options.
Zhenyang Hua
Oct 16 2018 13:18
Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 9.17.50 AM.png
Have problem resolving dependencies
Spring boot 2.1.0.M4 and Spring cloud 2.1.0.M1
The following two dependencies won’t resolve fromt the milestone repo.

Any tips?