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Oct 2018
Bilal Ahmed Yaseen
Oct 18 2018 11:46
Eric Deandrea
Oct 18 2018 17:03
when setting up a spring cloud config server with vault & git as a back-end, is there a way to configure the vault token in the config server itself instead of each client of the config server having to send the X-Config-Token header?
Oct 18 2018 18:20
For zull u should have to add its dependency seperately
Urosh Trifunovic
Oct 18 2018 18:55
Hello. Can anyone explain which guide to follow for spring-cloud-contract configuration with maven? Because the reference docs, the GS guides and spring initializr all provide with different pom settings and show different things. The project won't even compile half of the times.
Marcos Barbero
Oct 18 2018 18:58
@raidenovski did you try this one? also there's a dedicated room for SCC
Urosh Trifunovic
Oct 18 2018 18:59
@marcosbarbero , oh thanks for the room, I haven't found it. Will ask there. Yes, that is one of the ones I've tried but the settings are quite different from the reference docs which is a bit confusing