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Oct 2018
Oct 29 2018 07:12
Hi,guys,I have a question about hystrix in spring boot 2.0,when I add @EnableHystrix in the main application, but it doesn’t use at all. how can I use hystrix in spring boot 2.0, thanks very much!
Mate Lang
Oct 29 2018 08:19
Hi there. Anyobdy managed to migrate a spring cloud (netflix) project to jigsaw modules? I can not get hystrix to be recognized as a module. Any ideea/ workaround for that problem?
Eric Deandrea
Oct 29 2018 16:28
If setting up a Spring Cloud Config Server with multiple backends (i.e. git & vault), is there a way that if an incoming request does not contain the X-Config-Token header to just ignore the vault backend and only talk to the git backend? I asked this on StackOverflow as well