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Oct 2018
Anders Engström
Oct 31 2018 07:23
@spencergibb Ah - there we go :). Thanks for answering :thumbsup:
Oct 31 2018 07:41

Hey guys after upgrade spring boot to 2.1.0 our FeingClients failed.
Maybe until now we have been using them incorrectly and it worked only because of luck.

So we had service "foo" but it was very complex so we divided functionalities among a few FeignClients like

@FeignClient(name = "foo", configuration = {FeignRetryer.class})

@FeignClient(name = "foo", configuration = {FeignRetryer.class})

After upgrade above fails as claim we try override the existing bean.
So is the above usage correct?

Patrick Cornelißen
Oct 31 2018 07:56
Hi! I just noticed that the versions on seem to be a little bit out of sync in the table at the bottom. It states that Finchley.SR2 uses Spring boot 2.0.6.RELEASE while the Finchley SNAPSHOT depends on Spring Boot 2.0.4.BUILD-SNAPSHOT, I assume that this should be at least spring boot 2.0.6.
Oct 31 2018 17:03
@Ziemowit I added spring.main.allow-bean-definition-overriding: true to my application.yml, which resolved that issue for my multiple feign client usage. Basically that should let it work in 2.1.0 if it worked in 2.0.6.
In Spring Boot 2.1.0 using Finchley.SR1 I have a simple spring cloud task that works fine -- its commandlinerunner executes some log messages and then shuts down. In Finchley.SR2 the app doesn't shut down; it emits the last log message and keeps running. Has anyone else run into task apps shutting down properly in SR1 but not SR2? I see nothing in the release notes that says there was a change with spring cloud task. It looks like using mvn dependency:tree that (as the release notes implicitly state) the version of cloud task has not changed between SR1 and SR2.