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Nov 2018
Patrick Corneli├čen
Nov 14 2018 05:49
Good morning. still mentions spring-boot 2.0.4.BUILD-SNAPSHOT as dependency for Finchley.BUILD-SNAPSHOT, while Finchley.SR2 already relies on 2.0.6.RELEASE. Why is that? I'd assume that Finchley.SR2 was a release that originated in the SNAPSHOT version, so shouldn't that be at least 2.0.6 for spring boot?
Hugh Hamill
Nov 14 2018 09:16
@spencergibb Thanks, but my downstream service is definitely not using the original path in the returned HATEOAS links so it looks like it's not being added. I am switching from Zuul to Spring Gateway and it worked out of the box with Zuul
Nov 14 2018 15:26

we have a heavy service that sets this config:

        maximumSize: 512

I just saw that the default value is 10. Is it safe to use 10 or I should keep that value with a high value?

Nov 14 2018 15:36
i tried moving some private keys to my spring cloud config server because they differ based on environment (and for security reasons). I created my custom class with @ConfigurationProperties. I initially tested it on my application properties and in the values were there. However, when I moved those keys to spring cloud config it could no longer assign those values even though i can see in /actuator/env that the keys were loaded into my service. Is this a valid use case?
Nov 14 2018 16:01
nevermind. it's suddenly "working" all of a sudden. :D
Spencer Gibb
Nov 14 2018 16:10
@pcornelissen yeah, just a doc error
@hughwphamill that's all zuul was doing is adding headers. Can you see any difference in headers? If not a small project that reproduces the problem would be useful. We want it to be easy to migrate
Spencer Gibb
Nov 14 2018 16:17
@pcornelissen fixed
Hugh Hamill
Nov 14 2018 16:52
Hi @spencergibb I can see the headers (except x-forwarded-prefix) coming through, so I added that, now I suspect that spring-hateoas is ignoring them for some reason
I'll have to check with them
Spencer Gibb
Nov 14 2018 16:53
I don't understand why x-forwarded-prefix isn't going thru, what versions are you using?
Nov 14 2018 23:49
@spencergibb I am using eureka with zuul and Eureka peering across 4 datacenters/zone.. I expect traffic should be distributed among all instance registered to eureka..but it seems somehow it is doing near neighbor and ribbon keep hitting the instance residing on same DC..default it should be round robin. I am not sure why..
Please help.
I checked this value is false for all zuul . ribbon.eureka.approximateZoneFromHostname: {
value: "false"
ribbon.EnableZoneAffinity: {
value: false