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Nov 2018
Anton Fedosov
Nov 16 2018 05:26
@spencergibb Hi. Do u have some sample with setting header from json body?
Can u please explain to me how can i do that?
Sanjay Rawat
Nov 16 2018 11:38
@dsyer I saw your blog post on Functional Bean Registration in S C Functions The @FunctionalSpringBootTest
works perfectly fine when there is only one Function Bean registered in the context
But it fails to when I add register multiple beans
I can see in the logs both the Functions are registered:
2018-11-16 17:08:42.788 INFO 19384 --- [ main] o.s.c.f.w.f.FunctionEndpointFactory : Found functions: [UpperCase, AddHello]
but I could only call one one at localhost:8080/
With @Bean Function approach for each @Bean methods a new endpoint used to get created... In this case localhost:8080/UpperCase and localhost:8080/AddHello
Is it possible to get the same behaviour with Functional Bean Registration?