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Nov 2018
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Nov 23 2018 10:34
Hello @corneil that's not enough info to be able to determine what is causing the problem; please provide more details and/ or link to a demo project that recreates the issue; Generally, while using Eureka, Ribbon and Zuul, the workflow is that the Ribbon client in the app that is making the request will be initialised with the list of servers from Eureka, find Zuul using that list, forward the request to Zuul, then Zull will forward to your server app (also checking out its address and port via Eureka)
Nov 23 2018 11:45
Hi everyone, I need help about deploying about spring-cloud. I want to deploy the app using helm and deploy streams into different namespaces. Even though I update the skipper configmap with multiple accounts and namespaces, checking stream platforms shows accounts with the namespace I deployed the spring cloud and skipper. It seems it ignores namespace values in spring.application.json. Can anyone help me about this?
Nov 23 2018 12:09
does WebClient work on cloud discovery?
Tim Ysewyn
Nov 23 2018 16:32
@chad_d_stud_twitter can you clarify? what do you want to do?
Nov 23 2018 16:44
Hi @OlgaMaciaszek which channel is my question best directed to?
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Nov 23 2018 16:45
@robachmann I've added an issue to upgrade feign and have done preliminary analysis. Since it would cause some backwards incompatible changes, it will have to wait till we do another major release
Nov 23 2018 17:42
@TYsewyn usually with rest template we could do an http://servicename/ call and it would imply it's a service in the registry. So I was wondering how to do that in webflux since i read somewhere that feign is not supported in webflux?
There were two ways to do it in our current implementation. Either via FeignClient or via postforobject