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Dec 2018
Dec 08 2018 02:17 UTC
I use its base image openjdk:8-jdk-alpine build docker image, but no jmap - heap?Which base image is used?
Dec 08 2018 09:42 UTC

We have a project developed using Spring Boot. Basically developed the back-end code developed and tested via Rest API.

Now, we have done the front end html and other pages separately.

Now we are not sure how to integrate this project as web application and deploy automatically via Maven in Tomcat

Need to know the project structure for web application project for Spring Boot
Where to place the jsp, javascript, html, css, file in spring boot
How to automatically bundle the project and deploy as a war so that we can deploy in any tomcat externally instead of going for a Spring Boot Embedded tomcat.
Please advise.

Mark Paluch
Dec 08 2018 11:25 UTC
@prog20901 do not cross-post.