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Dec 2018
Kyle Anderson
Dec 12 2018 00:12
@spencergibb I've got a MockMvc test that exercises a Zuul proxy endpoint. Occasionally the test fails with 404. Zuul appears to be one of the last things that gets initialized, judging by the log messages. My hunch is that the @SpringBootTest isn't waiting for that to finish before executing the test. Is this anything you've run into before?
Dec 12 2018 03:25
Hello ererybody. Have you used stream destination in SCDF?Consume data from a kafka topic, and output byte array?How to convert to string type.
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Dec 12 2018 12:07
Hello @windonTest it seems to be a question for a different channel:
Marcos Barbero
Dec 12 2018 14:58
Hi @andersonkyle do you have it in a public repository? I've plenty of tests like this and I've never had this problem
Kyle Anderson
Dec 12 2018 15:31
i don't. it's about as vanilla as it gets. was just curious if @SpringBootTest doesn't wait until the Zuul Filter Registry has been refreshed.
Spencer Gibb
Dec 12 2018 22:07
@andersonkyle my guess is that it has to do with mockmvc. There are many zuul tests that use @SpringBootTest, but they do not use mockmvc