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Dec 2018
Dec 13 2018 05:25
@spencergibb Still issues with timeouts when we are at RC2 - would be nice if that could be fixed before release.
Marcos Barbero
Dec 13 2018 09:55
@andersonkyle in my case I also don't use MockMvc, I've not noticed that until read @spencergibb's message, however, it could also be related to what are you trying to access, is it a routing filter that forwards the request to a downstream service? What's the scenario for your test?
Dec 13 2018 10:16
@OlgaMaciaszek That's a good answer.
Spencer Gibb
Dec 13 2018 14:54
@dave-fl we're at RC1, and violetta is working on that.
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Dec 13 2018 17:16
@robachmann Merged openfeign upgrade: spring-cloud/spring-cloud-openfeign#95