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Dec 2018
Spencer Gibb
Dec 21 2018 01:37
@dharezlak not really the place for spring rest docs questions
Marcos Barbero
Dec 21 2018 08:17
Hi @x97mdr I was looking at your gist files, I think this property is probably wrong it should be like this
Marcin Grzejszczak
Dec 21 2018 09:47
@dharezlak - you can convert restdocs to postman and postman to swagger. But you're doing that at your own risk ;) What Marcos suggests makes more sense
choubani amir
Dec 21 2018 10:23
Any idea how to make the UAA communicate with an other microservice.
How should I set the accessTokenUrifor an oauth2RestTemplate?
I am getting error null pointer exception because it cannot find the AccessTokenUri
Jeffrey Cameron
Dec 21 2018 13:35
Thanks @marcosbarbero, I’ll give that a shot!
Dec 21 2018 15:40
This blog post recommends to replace Ribbon client side load balancer with Spring cloud Loadbalancer.
But the only implement of the LoadBalancerClient is RibbonLoadBalancerClient
Spencer Gibb
Dec 21 2018 18:00
@BenEfrati we are aware
Dec 21 2018 18:14
Dec 21 2018 21:31
@marcingrzejszczak , @marcosbarbero : Thank you for the pointers regarding Postman and Swagger. I'll check them out.