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Jan 2019
Jan 04 2019 07:20 UTC
@marcosbarbero Is there a way to allow token authentication for endpoints in an application which uses @EnableOAuth2Sso
I had seen that @EnableOAuth2Sso will in zuul WebsecurityConfigurerAdapter uanble to pass the access token to downstream api. even if i send the proper authorization header.
Marcos Barbero
Jan 04 2019 07:23 UTC
Hi @muhmadtabrez it should work, maybe you haven't remove the Authorization header from the zuul.sensitive-headers property? It's there by default
David J. M. Karlsen
Jan 04 2019 14:14 UTC
Looking at spring cloud Kubernetes and it’s capability to read all mounted secrets, but I don’t see any object to read the serviceaccount token from? The docs don’t say anything about it’s use
Dale Lotts
Jan 04 2019 19:00 UTC
Hey, happy new year. Is this the correct room to ask questions about spring-hateoas?
Dale Lotts
Jan 04 2019 19:06 UTC

When running a spring boot app with Hateoas behind Zuul, the X-Forwarded-Path header is set. The links generated by ControllerLinkBuilder do not contain the forwarded path, so the URL's are not correct because they omit the prefix.

For example, I have Zuul at localhost:8080 - it proxies localhost:8081/employees to localhost:8081 stripping the prefix by default - the links generated by ControllerLinkBuilder do not contain the forwarded path - i.e. the self link is localhost:8080/

This issue appears to be the same issue spring-projects/spring-hateoas#409 - but was closed to inactivity.

I assume I am missing something, any thoughts?