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Jan 2019
Shyam Baitmangalkar
Jan 17 06:44
I am using spring-cloud-consul in my spring boot app. This app runs on many nodes and there is a possibility of consul not being available on that node. I want to set to false. But the spring-cloud doc says that this property needs to be set in bootstrap.yml file only. And our app doesn't have a bootstrap.yml file. Is there a way in which I can configure this property in application.yml itself?
Marcos Barbero
Jan 17 10:01
It’s mandatory to be set on the bootstrap file because of the startup lifecycle, if you set it to the application.yml there won’t be any effect
Jan 17 11:25
hi, I've enabled healthcheck at eureka server level and on the eureka client side I'm passing the different healthcheck url which I can see reflecting at /eureka/apps. So how to test if the eureka healthcheck is working properly or not?
Mark Corkery
Jan 17 11:27
Sorry, I know this isn't the perfect home for the question, but does anyone know if flash attributes works across micro-services, i.e. if I want to redirect from a controller with flash attributes in service A behind a gateway to another controller in service B (also behind a gateway) will the controller in service B be able to access those flash attributes?
Shyam Baitmangalkar
Jan 17 11:42
@marcosbarbero Sure, thanks!
Chintan Barad
Jan 17 19:24
Hi Folks,
I am trying to use spring boot 2.1 with Java 11 and getting the famous error of Zuul auto configuration being incompatible with it.
So I upgraded my spring-cloud-starter-netflix-zuul to 2.0.2 but still run into the issue.
Looking at the source code I realized the fix is in 2.1.0.M1 but I don't seem to be able to find that version of spring-cloud-starter-netflix-zuul in maven.
Is there anything I am missing out or I need to pull down dependency differently now like by some other artifact?
Spencer Gibb
Jan 17 21:02
@chintanb Finchley is not compatible with boot 2.1.x. To use boot 2.1.x upgrade to Greenwich.RC2. Greenwich.RELEASE (ie general availability) is slated for next tuesday.
Chintan Barad
Jan 17 21:08
@spencergibb Thanks. Just to confirm I am following what you're saying, will there be a spring-cloud-starter-netflix-zuul artifact with higher version than 2.0.2 for us to use which will fix the problem I am facing ?
Spencer Gibb
Jan 17 22:10
yes. You shouldn't be referencing starter versions individually. You should be referencing the spring cloud BOM (Bill of Marterials). Ie, Finchley.SR2 or Greenwich.RC2
@chintanb :arrow_up: