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Jan 2019
Jan 23 01:05
Has anyone used spring cloud config encrypted values with a customized JVM (jlink) before? The documentation for encrypted values says that you need JCE and I am wondering if there are particular java modules it needs?
Jan 23 01:11
Apparently JCE unlimited is also now included in JDK8 after 8u161 and I guess java 10+? Is this enough to run spring cloud config encrypted values?
Marcos Barbero
Jan 23 07:06
Hi @springroll12 last time I did something with JCE I remember it was already included in the JDK however you had to manually enable it in some configuration file. I hope it helps
and no, nothing else is necessary to use the encrypting feature of config-server
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Jan 23 09:45
Hello @amirensit it's in RibbonClientConfiguration:
public static final int DEFAULT_CONNECT_TIMEOUT = 1000;
public static final int DEFAULT_READ_TIMEOUT = 1000;
Jan 23 10:36
I need some help with this enhancement - spring-cloud/spring-cloud-aws#372
I have put down some comments, any help will save quite a lot of time..
choubani amir
Jan 23 13:05
@OlgaMaciaszek :thumbsup:
Gilles Robert
Jan 23 18:17
Any news about the Greenwich release?
Ryan Baxter
Jan 23 18:18
The release announcement will go out very soon
Gilles Robert
Jan 23 18:18
top, thanks!
Gilles Robert
Jan 23 18:39