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Jan 2019
Jan 25 06:35
@spencergibb okay there is no room for spring-cassandra so I thought that someone have experience...
Jan 25 08:17
Hello mans
I'm setup SpringCloud Config with Vault and Git
order: 1
backend: secret2
kv-version: 2
host: localhost
port: 8200
order: 2
search-paths: config-git
default-label: master
clone-on-start: true
At Client
How it authenticate use Kubenetes authen method
I search on Google, I'm only find the authen with vault token
Maxime Menard
Jan 25 16:06
Question for spring-cloud-gateway, I am creating a custom GatewayFilterFactory, how can i have a Config with a property of type List<String> ? I am able to have a property String, but not a List
I tried to put properties comma separated, but it just pick the first one
Maxime Menard
Jan 25 16:12
ok I found in the code, need to specify ShortcutType to GATHER_LIST
would be good to improve the documentation ;)
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Jan 25 16:39
Hello Maxime, will do it
Felipe Adorno
Jan 25 18:31
Hi all, I need spring-milestones repository to use Greenwich.RELEASE?
I get this error when update to Greenwich.RELEASE Failure to find in
Spencer Gibb
Jan 25 19:56
@FelipeAdorno yup, already fixed, will do a new release soon
Felipe Adorno
Jan 25 19:57
nice, for now I put the milestones repository :)
thx for the reply
Jeff Smith
Jan 25 21:48
I'm trying to use composite git repo's and spring-cloud-config-monitor both at the same time, and spring is failing to start because its trying to autowire 2 beans for the AbstractScmEnvironmentRepository scmRepository field in the FileMonitorConfiguration class. I would like to just totally disable this FileMonitorConfiguration because I don't need file system checking. I will just hit the /monitor endpoint for refreshes. Has anybody done composite git repo's and monitor before and gotten around this error?