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Jan 2019
Jan 31 00:37
If you are using spring cloud config with a for back end, how do you deal with configuration parameters which can be modified by non-git actions (e.g. users can change some parameters at runtime) ? I thought the goal of having config in got was that modifying config through got workflows provides audit ability, but I don't understand how to manage config changes that come from the cluster users? You could just have the changes committed by spring cloud config... but that seems backwards (and doesn't really fit into a gitops-style workflow)
Jan 31 00:38
@spencergibb Good with the 504, but also found a leak afterwards. But the setup is reproducible. Sent it your way. Feels like we are getting close.
Jan 31 00:38
*with got for a back end.
Jan 31 01:26
@spencergibb Quick update .. After quite good debugging, it looks like the issue was due to missing dependency 'commons-lang-2.6' .. Application is able to start after adding that dependency.. We are good for now.. Thanks
Jan 31 04:36
hi, springcloud gateway surports oauth2?