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Feb 2019
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 10 00:53
So something more complicated... how do I perform HTTP like requests against a Unix Domain Socket like /var/run/docker.sock?
Matthew Davis
Feb 10 01:18
@trajano Responded to your post .. just expose the docker daemon over tcp
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 10 01:22
I already did that that's my current workaround, I wanted to avoid it.
I tried to look at docker-java but I can't figure out how to extract it for my needs
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 10 06:45
Is there a way of getting rid of the extra subscribe to get a Mono<List<T>> to a stream of <T>?
I didn't know so I coded it like this
Spencer Gibb
Feb 10 19:58
.block(), but what you did is best