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Feb 2019
Spencer Gibb
Feb 20 02:00
@joshiste care to open an issue?
Johannes Edmeier
Feb 20 07:01
I’ll will verify my assumptions in the next days and will open an issue
Feb 20 13:52
Hello, i have a simple question on spring-cloud-function. How can i get query path parameters with Supplier method? Thx for answer.
Anton Fedosov
Feb 20 14:55
Hi! How can i configure spring WebClient for using eureka and static urls?
I want to use eureka for call with url like http://my-servive/users and don't use for
Anton Fedosov
Feb 20 15:05
Whats happen with spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#411 ? :)
Bruno Rodrigues
Feb 20 16:25
Hello, I am using spring cloud gateway on a cloud environment with tons of horizontal pod autoscalers. Because of this, I disabled the httpclient pool on the gateway to allow for a perfect balance. Now, (and without surprise), I have some performance issues. Is there a way to set a max number of requests per connection or a TTL? Thanks in advance