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Feb 2019
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 02:32
@muhmud so you need to upgrade netty?
Bruce Zhang
Feb 25 02:38
When a browser client makes a request using Feign.When the resource service fails to handle the request, should it throw an exception or capture the exception response json?My resource server also needs to be compatible with the App's request response format. @spencergibb
Muhmud Ahmad
Feb 25 05:48
@trajano Yes
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 15:12
For Spring-Cloud-Sleuth, is enabling it just a matter of adding the starter dependency to each service?
Brian Devins-Suresh
Feb 25 15:28
@trajano sleuth has it’s own room but the short answer is yes
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 16:24
@devinsba thanks
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 21:32
Is it just me or is anyone seeing that the documentation pages render the codes rather than the actual content...
Spencer Gibb
Feb 25 21:32
we're aware
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 21:33
kk thanks
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 21:35
i'm sort of looking for a way of implementing the circuit breaker pattern with Hystrix that works with discovery. Haven't really done so and getting tripped up at the "hystrix command" at the moment.
The hystrix section AFAICT shows how to do it for a specific route, but not through discovery.
there is one line in 8.2.1 that I'm trying to grok at the moment.
It just makes it sound like I just have to add two lines in my yml
Archimedes Trajano
Feb 25 21:42
And add the dependency.
Hmm that seems to work :)
One weird thing I found though. I had two discovery clients that implement ApplicationListener<RefreshRoutesEvent>
each of them had complementary @Component @ConditionalOnExpression("${docker.discovery.swarm} == false")
What I found was when I published the RefreshRoutesEvent from a webflux stream, the event handler does not get called.
What worked for me was creating another component that implements application listener and calls a method specific to the discovery client.
Not sure if anyone else noticed that.