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Mar 2019
Matt Benson
Mar 10 17:49
Spring Cloud team: is there information anywhere on the rationale behind spring-cloud-netflix being placed into maintenance mode, and what this means for teams? I have seen that this is making people nervous and would like to be able to distinguish FUD from legitimate concern.
Matt Benson
Mar 10 17:53
@marcosbarbero not sure I/we specifically saw that announcement, but that information is all we've been working from, yes. I'm wondering about the rationale behind this information and the wider implications of that... e.g., is the Netflix stack no longer considered an/the appropriate environment? Is it just that the team feels there is no more to be done here? Etc.
Marcos Barbero
Mar 10 20:57

@mbenson I can be wrong on that but here's how I see it:

  • archaius you can use configserver or simply rely on spring-boot configuration
  • zuul is being replaced in favour of spring-cloud-gateway, the reason behind it is simply zuul 2.x wasn't open sourced when SCG started its development and it would still have a long run until it was out there
  • Netflix Hystrix is in maintenance mode even for Netflix itself and AFAIK will be replaced by Resilience4j
  • Netflix Turbine follows Hystrix maintenance mode

How I see it, basically it either doesn't make a lot of sense to maintain all those solutions if Spring already have an alternative for it or if the Owner is no longer maintaining the solution

Mar 10 23:28
If I have vault set up locally, and I can access the web ui through the same IP/port combo I have set in bootstrap.yml (for spring-cloud-vault), why might the vault property sources be empty? I have defined a bunch of secrets, which I can see in the web ui and fetch via curl, but my spring boot application doesn't seem to 'see' them (e.g. if I go to actuator/env the vault property sources appear, but are empty)