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Mar 2019
Mar 27 00:39
@spencergibb I think the leak has been isolated in the gateway - I don't know why, but test runs do not leak with the retry filter disabled, they do leak with it on.
Chandrakanth Reddy
Mar 27 01:35
I've two Rest apis. I've to compare response between two api's in two different functions in same class, which has no relation. I create a global array. In first function I'm storing response in array, in second function when I log that array I'm getting null because it is initailized to an empty arraylist?
What is the best way to log the response of first api in second function?
Class myClass{ final Array newArr = new ArrayList(); private void firstFun(){ newArr.push("data");} private void secondFun(){ System.out.println(newArr);}
Consider this is my requirement, and 1 more thing these two functions are called from another class.
It is some thing like this
Class B{ private myClass obj = null; private void getFirstRes(){ obj.firstFun()}; private void getSecondRes(){ obj.secondFun();}
Mar 27 01:36
@CHANDRAKANTHREDDY93 how is this related to spring cloud ? you should post this to stackoverflow or something.
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Mar 27 14:03
@chrisovergaauw is the example not working or are you using any additional setup? If it's the latter, please provide a sample that reproduces the issue.