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Mar 2019
Mar 28 06:40
I got some exception when i use spring-cloud-openfeign upload multipart file, exception is java.lang.IllegalStateException: Method has too many Body parameters
I use @RequestPart annontation at multipart file is it right?
Ashok Koyi
Mar 28 09:44
@dave-fl You are right.. Will use the retry* operators of reactor for retry. Even then, we still will not be able to custom IRules as we are not updating ribbon stats from previous runs
This part needs to be integrated into the reactive flow thru Context propagation & updating the stats during doOnError & doOnNext/doOnComplete flows
This part should be done by the framework itself as its too much hassle for the end users
Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
Mar 28 10:18
Hello @JokerSun have a look at the workaround provided in this issue: spring-cloud/spring-cloud-netflix#2540 . If that's not helpful, please create a github issue with a sample demo reproducing the issue attached
Mar 28 13:00

@dave-fl Hi Dave, thanks for the link! That's what I found but what I'm missing is how to return execution to Spring Cloud Gateway's scheduler after "dispatching" the background task to another scheduler. I suppose all I would need to do is do another publishOn on the defautl scheduler, but how do I get that scheduler?

since there seems to be a bit more action in the channel now I thought I'd try it again :) anybody got any suggestions?

Mar 28 13:24
@spencergibb should we create a separate issue for retry? Or is tracking it in the current memory issue thread fine?
Chris Overgaauw
Mar 28 13:34
@OlgaMaciaszek The example works fine. I was just looking for general tips instead of a fix for my specific problem.
I eventually succeeded and managed to combine the DiscoveryClient Route Definition Locator in combination with the example in a way that suits my needs... However, I lost a great deal of time on it, due to the fact that webflux security is largely a blackbox to me.
Spencer Gibb
Mar 28 13:54
@dave-fl new issue
Archimedes Trajano
Mar 28 14:43
Is there a way of setting up spring-cloud-config to automatically call the /actuator/refresh endpoint when it detects a configuration change? Without much coding I mean.