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Apr 2019
Apr 04 04:41
Hi, Posted question in stackoverflow for using private docker registry.
Followed the documentation but again getting the same error
Spring Cloud Dataflow throws an exception when trying to register docker containers from the google registry: Illegal character in path at index 58:
Any help is appreciated
Christopher Siciliano
Apr 04 12:44
Hi, I just migrate from spring boot 2.0 to 2.1 but my JMSlistener linked to AMQ doesn't work anymore... I have to explicitly disable sleuth.messaging.jms to make it works again
LazyConnectionFactory problem ?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 04 14:19
Apr 04 17:18
Hello everyone. I have a question. My eureka server is secured with basic auth. Then, when i tried to register my client passing the user and password, it doesn't work. I am doing it this way: defaultZone: ${EUREKA_URL:http://admin:admin@localhost:8761/eureka/}
I'd like to know what I am doing wrong or if there's another approach. Thanks! 🙏