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Apr 2019
Li Siyuan
Apr 08 06:37
Hi guys, I'm trying to calculate the MD5 of the Body from the ServerHttpRequest in gateway. Then i got errors like "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Only one connection receive subscriber allowed." I'm trying to use the share() method from Reactor Flux to change the Flux<DataBuffer> to multicast the request body, but it doesn't work. Can anyone give my some help? Thank you so much!
Apr 08 10:25
Hi to all
There is a zuul gateway that has @EnableDiscoveryClient
I want to get all applications that are registered in Eureka server in this gateway application
How do I do?
I wanted to inject to PeerAwareInstanceRegistery class like this:
@Autowire private PeerAwareInstanceRegistery registery;
Apr 08 10:30
But when the application is starting, null pointer exception is raised and it is not able to inject this class
Apr 08 11:40
When Service try to register eureka server it's throwing below error : A message body reader for java class and MIME media type text/html not found
Enzo Bonggio
Apr 08 13:51
Hi! I'm using cloud config server to get all the configuration files. It will get all configurations from bitbucket, I want to know if there is any extra config for the case that bitbucket stop working (something like a cache or some sort of strategy for choosing sources)
Spencer Gibb
Apr 08 13:58
@lisiyuan656 see the modify request body filter.
@matin-reza inject @DiscoveryClient?