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Apr 2019
Apr 11 06:01
when i run springcloud use docker. when https://ip:eureka_port is ok . but other is can't connect
zuul and hystrix
is there some one
Apr 11 06:33
i have solved
~~because the port have't been exported ~~
Apr 11 09:46
Hi all
small question, i would like to use spring cloud gateway, however i have small issue, i would like to make the uri to route to dynamic, meaning, i i get X in the request then it will redirect to uri XXX.XXX and if i get Y it will route to YYY.YYY, is this possible?
Spencer Gibb
Apr 11 17:28
@itziklavon yes, that's how routes work
Apr 11 17:33
hi. is there a way to enforce spring-cloud-starter-vault-config to look only for a particular path? or at least set the order in which it should look for the path?