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Apr 2019
Apr 14 15:49
Hi guys small question, i'm trying to create tests jar which would be my integration tests, however, when setting up eureka, the jar could not create spring cloud bean - inetutils, when running simple maven clean install it works, but the executable jar isn't working, this is the error:
Apr 14 16:15
Hi Guys I have question connected with Google Cloud Spanner. Somebody has some experience with this DB and Java? Maybe somebody was using from Spring Data Cloud Spanner ???
Apr 14 17:04
hi guys, small question if someone has encountered it, i'm trying to create an executable tests jar which would be my integration tests, which within i will tell which tests should run(junit runner), is there a way to do it without assembly plugin? meaning using spring autoconfigure options, because without it need to define spring.factories manually, and each dependency we are adding , like spring cloud on this case, make it very hard to find the right autoconfigure property to define