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May 2019
Sachindra Dasun
May 07 08:47
@spencergibb , I have added those parameter to remote source. But still they are not getting overridden. Is it allowed only bootstrap configurations to override the remote configurations? As I have seen these parameters are used only in PropertySourceBootstrapConfiguration which is getting called before processing PropertySource annotations.
Vladyslav Nikolaienk
May 07 13:40
Anybody know how to send array of items using FeignClient? Query string should like ?param=[{},{},{}]
Spencer Gibb
May 07 13:45
@dasun they have no effect on @PropertySource
Jeff Smith
May 07 14:00
I'm using cloud config with the /monitor endpoint in a config-server process tied via RabbitMQ to a testclient spring boot service running on localhost with the "default" active profile. The RefreshListener is not firing because when its going through the matcher to look to see if the rabbitmq message is for that application or not, the message has a destination of like "testclient:default:*", but the application has automatically set the to be "testclient:8080:{uuid}". Why isn't the id being set to something like "testclient:default:8080:{uuid}" or something? Because unless "default" appears in that id, it will never match and consume that message and trigger the property refresh. I can manually set - and that worked. But shouldn't this id be set automatically to consume the config-server refresh messages?
Spencer Gibb
May 07 14:03
@y24jds what version?
Jeff Smith
May 07 14:05
I was working with Greenwich.RELEASE struggling with this the past couple of weeks but yesterday I saw there is Greenwich.SR1 and I tried it to and still has the same problem.
I see that ServiceMatcher uses a DefaultBusPathMatcher and I've stepped through this code a ton, and I do get pretty confused on how its moving indexes around and looking for what it thinks is a match.... But here is the log line that it just logged: - In match: testclient:default:**, testclient:8080:357e98757f1f15453f967518388a246c
Jeff Smith
May 07 14:15
I am using 2.1.0, and I do believe that the code is using the as that fix says, but I just don't understand how its auto-determining the . Would you expect to have the profile name an auto-generated ?
Jeff Smith
May 07 14:21
I just got it to work IF I set this in my${}:${}
May 07 16:21
Invalid character found in method name. HTTP method names must be tokens exception.
How can I solve this in spring boot
Any leads please