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Jan 2015
Thorsten Späth
Jan 13 2015 00:00
besides that: Good one, but from a noob perspective - a lot of tech stuff packed into one tutorial :smile:
3rd part coming up next… tomorrow night!
Dave Syer
Jan 13 2015 10:53
Thanks. I used your changes to update Part II.
Thorsten Späth
Jan 13 2015 22:28
in part III „We are using Groovy because we can“… LOL … :)
in Chapter „Adding Spring Security“ - the last sentence… "So all we need to do is teach the UI server to send credentials with every request.“ - is this correct? isn’t it the client that sends the credentials or do I get that wrong?
Typo in „Server side changes": mkdie resource
Thorsten Späth
Jan 13 2015 22:34
On the chapter „Sending a Custom Token from the UI“… it could also be a good idea to mention (if it won’T be anyway a part of a later tutorial…) that the easiest way to get rid of adding the header to each request is to integrate an interceptor as a central place where all requests have to go through (automatically). If you need some doc on that I can provide a part
no more remarks as of now. :-)