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    Ernesto Quiros
    I'd wish to share with you a screenshot, but apparently I can't here
    Ernesto Quiros
    nvm, it got it. If somebody faces the same issue, you can go to Tools -> preferences -> general, then check off enable auto high DPI scaling and there you go
    Carlos Cordoba
    @netoquiros_twitter, glad you found the solution by yourself!
    I am new to Spyder and need to know how to find the line in the running code that is presently running.
    Running tkinter to create input form to enter 10 variables. Works great for 8 entries and moves to next row on <Return> but will not on the 9th. Code for that last line is identical to the others with the exception of the ending colon.
    Hello, is there a way to set up Spyder so that when you import a module and you enter that module name followed by a period, is lists all of the functions available? I saw this as an option in PyCharm in a video and found it useful
    Also, PyCharm warns you if you are trying to redefine a built-in function. Can Sypder do that?
    is this softtware free forever or only trial
    Hello, when I'm using Jetson(Ubuntu system), I cannot import cv2 in spyder3, someone had met similar problem, please?
    Carlos Cordoba
    @power1482, Spyder if free (as in speech and also as in beer) software
    Ali Rajabtabar
    I would acess to desktop files by pwd()
    but it does not work?
    Ali Rajabtabar
    df = pd.read_excel('EIS_OMV Project.xlsx', 'EIS-2OMV')

    Hello, I'm tinking with Spyder and openpyxl. Part of my code is:

    cell = sheet['A1']

    In the video I'm watching (a Python tutorial), they're using Pycharm. In that program, after entering the "." after the word cell, a pop-up appears listing all the methods (I "think" that's the right term, but this is all new to me). One method is value. When I do the same thing in Spyder, I only see maybe 5 methods, but none of them are "value". Is there a way to list all methods for the variable "cell"?

    that should say "tinkering", not tinking
    How do I suppress the following messages appearing in the console:
    [*100%*] 1 of 1 downloaded
    [*100%*] 1 of 1 downloaded
    [*100%*] 1 of 1 downloaded
    [*100%*] 1 of 1 downloaded
    They appear after running the statement:
    data = yf.download(stock, dt, dt) which retrieves stock data proces?
    prices I meant
    I am new to Python and Programming and finding it difficult to integrate spyder into python . Any help is highly welcomed
    محمد الخمري
    how to be ahead, updating in python, in programming generally.
    dont open my spyder3
    can anyone help me
    i use manjaro linux
    adn become
    /usr/bin/python3: relocation error: /usr/lib/python3.7/site-packages/PyQt5/Qt/plugins/platforms/../../lib/libQt5XcbQpa.so.5: symbol _ZN20QPlatformIntegration11screenAddedEP15QPlatformScreenb version Qt_5_PRIVATE_API not defined in file libQt5Gui.so.5 with link time reference
    what must i make
    Hello....my spyder3 do not open..I am using windows10. I have already upgrade my spyder3..but this anymore open it..
    Daniel Borek
    @decheverriaj do you use conda/anaconda ? could you start spyder from conda console and copypaste output?
    Elisabeth Volke
    Hi! I am using Spyder 3.3.6 with Python3.7 on Windows 10. After it worked perfectly for several weeks Spyder freezes randomly when I'm using it. Not just during running code, but even when I just have it open and don't do anything in particular with it. Does anyone have similar problems or even a solution?
    phany kumar
    HEY! Is Spyder IDEan open source
    Reinier Sterkenburg
    I want to update my Spyder. The manual says: do conda update spyder in your Anaconda Prompt. However: there is no Anaconda Prompt anymore. What to do?
    Hmmm. There IS an Anaconda Prompt in the Start menu. it's just not available in the Anaconda Navigator.
    Reinier Sterkenburg
    .. but that one does not belong to my current Anaconda setup AFAICS. That's a remainder of a previous attempt to install PyCharm with Anaconda..
    Ingolfur Hjorleifsson
    Having problems with Spyder for mac. Using Python 3.7 and IPython 3.7.1. The console IPython is very slow and often gets stuck?
    Ingolfur Hjorleifsson
    Is there a older vers. of Anacond/Spyder one can use and where the IPython console is working properly on a mac?

    Below is output from a log when typing: %reset

    Once deleted, variables cannot be recovered. Proceed (y/[n])? y

    ERROR:root:Invalid alias: The name clear can't be aliased because it is another magic command.
    ERROR:root:Invalid alias: The name more can't be aliased because it is another magic command.
    ERROR:root:Invalid alias: The name less can't be aliased because it is another magic command.
    ERROR:root:Invalid alias: The name man can't be aliased because it is another magic command.

    Howdy. Im trying to find help on an error i just recently started getting while trying to use spyder. Is it okay to paste the traceback in this chat?
    I didnt see a no so here it is
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyder/plugins/editor.py", line 592, in visibility_changed
    SpyderPluginWidget.visibility_changed(self, enable)
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyder/plugins/init.py", line 429, in visibility_changed
    self.refresh_plugin() # To give focus to the plugin's widget
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyder/plugins/editor.py", line 604, in refresh_plugin
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyder/widgets/editor.py", line 2030, in refresh
    File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/spyder/widgets/editor.py", line 2011, in
    for index, finfo in enumerate(self.data):
    UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u2014' in position 15: ordinal not in range(128)
    @hIngolfur Try this: conda install ipython=6 ipykernel=4
    For more info see here: spyder-ide/spyder#2902
    @Larryg78_twitter Seem like you may have already found this: spyder-ide/spyder#10046
    Yes bcolsen I found it shortly after words. Thank you.
    Ingolfur Hjorleifsson
    @bcolsen Yes I did: conda install ipykernel=4.8.2 ipython=6.5.0 and this seems to work so far. Thank for the tip -)