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  • Feb 04 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
Manoj Baishya
Dear spyder devs and users, when I select "View > Maximize current pane" from the main menu while my Editor pane is in focus, it displays the Outline Pane to the right of the Editor in the maximized mode; although I have hidden the Outline Pane in "View > Panes > Outline". My screen size is 15.6 inches and I want to have my Editor take the entire screen area as I have to write long lines and it is difficult to read with word-wrap enabled. Can anyone kindly tell me how to hide the Outline pane in maximised Editor mode but keep it as separate pane option when Editor is normal?
Hello there! I am trying to run the code "from scipy.optimize import fsolve" but I keep getting the "DLL load failed while importing _arpack: The specified procedure could not be found" error. What can I do to run the first code? Very very new to Spyder so any help is greatly appreciated!
Hello! Someone now how to convert a program in Spyder to a pdf file?
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Hello! i m trying to change my python version from 3.7 to 3.9. can anyone help?
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I uninstalled 3.7 which was a 32bit version and installed 3.9 which is 64bit. But I am battling to change the interpreter linked to my projects. PyCharm and Spyder
any one is there
is any one there
How do I report a bug from Spyder?
has anyone one on macOs updated spyder & anaconda via terminal, and now are getting a git installer pop up every time they open a new page in spyder?
jagadeesh Babu
can we implement bdd in spyder?
How to use Python 3.9 on spyder?
David Acevedo
Hi , i need help about to , installed Spyder with anaconda , to edit phyton
I need help with latest Python installation updates
Can someone assist with that? thank you
Is there anyone on here? When should we expect a response?
Eirik Risan
I wonder how to install spyder on my Samsung tab S 7 + ? Possible?
With Android version 10
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Arthur Varkentin
Hi, does anyone has experiance with connecting spyder to jupyterhub kernels?
1 reply
it done just restart
thank u , everyone


I am trying to use FEniCS with conda 4.9.0 and python 3.7.0 following the instruction given here https://fenicsproject.org/download/:
conda create -n fenicsproject -c conda-forge fenics source activate fenicsproject

While these two commands work, nothing else does. In fact, even a simple start with from FEniCS: import * fails and returns "module not found".'

I have searched at a few solutions suggested on the internet but was not able to find one that works for the 2020 Conda/Spyder/Jupyter versions I have.

Any help would be great to have!

anyone know how to automatically add spaces around operators in spyder?
Can it be that when Spyder is launching Python in the standard profiler, llvmlite.dll may not be in the dll search path when it runs under its profiler? I get the error " raise OSError("Could not load shared object file: {}".format(_lib_name))
OSError: Could not load shared object file: llvmlite.dll" when trying to run the profiler with numba methods
Why can't i download spyder it keeps telling me that the directory is not empty, please choose a different location. What does that even mean?
I would like to ask one python problem.
When I set the variable "AA=1.” <--it can’t be found in the variable explorer.
But when I set the variable "A=1.” <--it is ok to find in the variable explorer.
My Spyder version is 4.0.1.
2 replies
hey there, how can i fix "load library failed 1114 "
Hello, I had an issue with importing already downloaded packages in spyder ide console
I want to download spyder with anaconda but i already have anaconda. Can i download spyder without having to download anaconda?
i got a problem when running a programm that imports cv2, it says ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cv2'
I have installed opencv via pip
also installed python 3.7
but the same message appears always
M.B Kishore
how can i download spider exclusively ..as I already installed python from pytohn.org
Why Spyder4.1.5 could not launch in Anaconda Navigator?
Why Spyder4.1.5 could not launch in Anaconda Navigator? Python version is 3.8.
Sudarshan Dujari
Does anyone know how not to get this message :
runfile('D:/MayankRasu/connect.py', wdir='D:/MayankRasu')
Double clicking a dataframe in the variable explorer opens up a tab instead of a window. Is it possible to open a new window instead?
1 reply
Is it available to install spider (with python v3.7.6) and python v3.6 on the one machine?
Since I am used to Spider environmental and its variable explorer, it benefits me so much, especially I face debugging. But another software(LabVIEW) only supports python v3.6. So is it possible to install both software into my machine?
1 reply