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  • Feb 04 16:57
    @goanpeca banned @tolgayilmaz
i installed anaconda2020.02 on windows but i am unable to launch spyder through it... i even tried anaconda prompt.....it gives "Assertion failed: Error not found [0]". Any suggestions as to wat should i do?!?
Pradyot Patil
Hi! I am some what new to Spyder community and I have been going through the code-base for quite sometime. I observed that Spyder is using Travis CI, Circle CI and Azure pipelines. Can somebody explain me why Spyder uses 3 CI pipelines and how each of these CI tools help Spyder differently?
Pradyot Patil
Also I would like to know the kind of code quality tests carried out apart from the test scripts for each component.
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Can somebody explain me why Spyder uses 3 CI pipelines and how each of these CI tools help Spyder differently?
Because we need to test different OSs. There is a PR that will move all the CI infrastructure to Gihtub ACtions at spyder-ide/spyder#11066

Also I would like to know the kind of code quality tests carried out apart from the test scripts for each component.

No more

Pradyot Patil
@goanpeca thanks for the answer. I was wondering if you would like to integrate SonarQube or Codacy to monitor code quality. I would like to open an issue and work on it if this is something you guys would appreciate.
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Please open an issue on the repo with these suggestions to get more input of the other spyder devs!
I am brand new to Python. I installed Anaconda this morning and when I went to open Spyder I was told that there is a newer version and that I should update. When I went to the suggested docs on updating it told me how to do it in Windows, but not Mac. Help, please?
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
@jdstern_twitter you need to open the terminal and run
conda install spyder=4.1.1
that should give you the latest version
This should also work, but the other is explicit on the latest version available
conda update spyder
@jdstern_twitter, I had the same experience (I am on windows 10 64bit ) and was advised to wait for 4.1.2 as 4.1.1 has issues that prevent it from starting properly.
How should i add a variable in explorer for debugging purpose
How do I get rid of these three dots?
They were not their before and I can't find any toggle to get rid of them under preferences
Hi, does spyder4 or 3 support phyton 2?
I cannot update in the office and want to use python 2 code at my home office. Therefore I need to know which spyder version to install. Didn't find this info yet.
Raf Can you create a conda env with python 2 first and then install spyder? The env solver should figure out which version to install
Raf Python 2 is end of life so you might want to start looking at converting it though
hi my spyder console does not work . what can i do actullay
I am new to Spyder, and was trying to update to 4.1.1 when I open the terminal from Anaconda I am unable to run Conda install spyder=4.1.1 I have a syntax error that reads near unexpected token, and am unable to type in the terminal, how can I update Spyder?
Hi I am having issues with my Python files. For some reason they are not properly saving as the correct file type.
Daniel Oliveira
Hello, there are no spyder tutorials in Spanish?. thanks
Could not import PIL.Image. The use of load_img requires PIL.
how can ı solve this error
Raf install PIL, that's a package
Carlos Cordoba
@priyapatel1, there's no way to get rid of the those three points (called continuation prompt)
@femifrak, Spyder 4 still supports Python 2
@greg3712, you need to run conda install spyder=4.1.1 in the Anaconda prompt, not in our IPython consoles
@danoli20_gitlab, unfortunately there aren't, sorry
Hi, spyder doesnt install with anaconda, can someone explain me?
no module name tensorflow found in spyder
please help to resolve this error
Having trouble changing the y-axis on my plots: when I do "plt.ylim(1, 2)" it resets the X-axis, if I then do plt.autoscale(enable=True, axis="x") it resets the Y-axis!
Raf Not a Spyder question, but I suggest you use the OO interface in matplotlib.
I'm beginner in py / I have problem with install modules / I installed my module and work it in py but not work in my spyder / and say to me " No module named 'fibonachi" //
please help to resolve this error
@matrixbot : Not sure what that means, but I got around the issue by changing the Graphics setting to "Automatic" instead of "Inline" and restarting. It seems that when in Inline mode Spyder creates a new image every time you do a plt.x/ylim command, resetting the unaffected axis back to 0-1... bug or feature? Automatic mode works as I expected.
@vshokrani : Did you mean "fibonacci"? Check you have the spelling right in Spyder
I created this module and I wrote especially wrong so as not to confuse the existing modules
Hi! I am using Spyder 4.1.1 on OS X, and the right hand scroll bar that shows occurrences of a highlighted word, or errors, is gone. I flagged this problem, that seemed to go away by 'reset --spyder' from terminal (with a potential laptop reboot required) but the problem has now returned, and doesn't go away anymore
how to install anaconda distribution in centos7 and how to open spyder
can any one please help me with this
am new to linux environment
i cannot download anaconda
i changed my pc's name with full latin characters but still the same issue
With .condarc set to
- conda-forge
- defaults
why do I only get updated to a 4.0.1 version
spyder 4.0.1 py37_0 conda-forge
conda update --all
even though
conda search spyder --channel conda-forge | grep forge | grep 4.1 | grep py37
list also 4.1.0 and 4.1.1 versions
spyder 4.1.0 py37hc8dfbb8_0 conda-forge
spyder 4.1.1 py37hc8dfbb8_1 conda-forge
Patrick J
@AqraIrfan_twitter I'm getting the same error with pyflakes E I have a program that runs just fine, and it's flagging a seemingly fine print command as having the error (the program runs and the print command functions as expected)