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Feb 2015
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Feb 24 2015 07:23
haven't worked on windows since the move, can check later today!
Joseph Martinot-Lagarde
Feb 24 2015 08:06
AFAIK .git/config is your local configuration, it's not from the git remote repo. I'm programming on Linux so I can't help any further...
Also, hi everyone !
Caleb Hattingh
Feb 24 2015 10:41
@Nodd You're correct! My situation is a bit unusual. I keep all my repos on a dropbox. I cloned Spyder on my mac, and then later saw on a Windows machine the problem with the modified file permissions. That is why filemode was enabled. I never came across this problem before so I wrongly thought it was a spyder thing.
Stuart Mumford
Feb 24 2015 14:47
ewww git in dropbox is dangerous
Hi all!
Sylvain Corlay
Feb 24 2015 16:02
Same here, not developing Spyder on windows.