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Feb 2015
Caleb Hattingh
Feb 28 2015 00:25

@thewhitetulip As for updating, the Spyder icon on my desktop calls a batch file that does this:

cd spyder_git
git pull
python --gui=pyqt


Suraj Patil
Feb 28 2015 06:06
@goanpeca I went though the issue tracker, the wiki, github workflow and internals & even coding style.
Suraj Patil
Feb 28 2015 06:13
I found out one issue that I would love to work on spyder-ide/spyder#306
@cjrh I am on elementary OS, it uses ubuntu 12.04 repos so almost everything on the software center is too old!
How about using material icons from google in stead of the current ones in the toolbar?
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Feb 28 2015 11:10
Hi @thewhitetulip, sure why not :)
go ahead!
for the icons we are also on the works of that
take a look at spyder-ide/spyder#2210
Suraj Patil
Feb 28 2015 14:38
@goanpeca I was thinking to solve this spyder-ide/spyder#306, we can figure out a way to provide the entire underlying system terminal itself, I work on linux & have no idea how to do so and cross platform complicates things up!
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Feb 28 2015 14:52
@blink1073 @SylvainCorlay any pointers for @thewhitetulip ?
Steven Silvester
Feb 28 2015 15:51
That is a tough one, and beyond anything I've ever tried. You might get around it by using terminado in an HTML view.
Thats what IPython is using for their terminal emulator