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Apr 2015
Gonzalo Peña-Castellanos
Apr 26 2015 11:05
I have never used it :p ? how far does pycharm go in ram consumption ?
Joseph Martinot-Lagarde
Apr 26 2015 13:59
Even improving startup time is good, because this script is run many many times when developing and testing spyder!
Caleb Hattingh
Apr 26 2015 23:47
@goanpeca I was playing with PyCharm over the weekend: ~768 MB with an empty project! However, this isn't a big issue on a modern machine. PyCharm is generally very fast though, and the code completion stuff is very very impressive. It can complete code inside (web) templates for lots of different language combinations. And you can manually "inject" a completion engine into a section of a file if the language combination wasn't predefined. It's very luxurious 💅