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Dec 2015
Dave Hirschfeld
Dec 23 2015 06:05
I was just looking at how the qtconsole is embedded with a view to allowing easy specification of the kernel. I've got kernels for different conda environments and I'd like to be able to easily select a specific kernel when opening a new IPython tab . My thought was to populate the right-button context menu with the list of available kernels (jupyter_client.kernelspec.find_kernel_spec) instead of the single Open a new console option linked to a specific executable defined in a global config setting. does look like it might be fairly involved though so I wouldn't want to make a start if it's planned to be changing soon anyway?
Carlos Cordoba
Dec 23 2015 22:37
@dhirschfeld, please wait until PR #2878 is finished. Then it'll be easier to do what you want
Dave Hirschfeld
Dec 23 2015 23:01
Wow! Thanks for the pointer - that looks like exactly what's required. Very excited to see that - I'll follow the progress of that PR closely...
Happy to test spyder-ide/spyder#2878 when it's ready too...