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Jun 2016
John Lynch
Jun 15 2016 00:15
Second question: I'm a CTA with MITx (Mooc) and we have a mix of windows, linux and mac students. I see suggestions of Mac issues above; are they going to be a problem for fairly computer illiterate beginners?
Carlos Cordoba
Jun 15 2016 01:41
Vim keybindings are being created as part of an external plugin, so they won't come as part of Spyder. However, plugin installation is very simple (like installing a Python package), so you shouldn't have much troubles with that :-)
The Mac problems are serious with Qt4: freezes and sluggishness. They are going to be solves with in Spyder 3.0, but even the latest beta has some troubles.
When does your course start?
John Lynch
Jun 15 2016 02:16
Thanks Carlos
The current course is using Canopy and started a couple of weeks back. The new course will move to Python 3.5 and Anaconda/Spyder. That starts in Fall ... I guess October.
Where can I find the vim plugin (I'm running 2 with my canopy environment but have 3beta accessing my Linux Python 2.7.6)?
Carlos Cordoba
Jun 15 2016 03:22
I'm not sure about where you can find it. @Nodd is the one developing it ;-)
You can open an issue in Spyder's Github website ( and ping him about it
The fall is perfect for us!! We'll release Spyder 3.0 in a couple of weeks, so we have a good amount of time to fix the bugs that could appear after that
Jason Grout
Jun 15 2016 08:00
@ccordoba12 - I'm curious what the plugin architecture looks like for spyder. Is there some overview written up somewhere?